HG in Spain...Any doctors or patients here from this region?

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HG in Spain...Any doctors or patients here from this region?

Postby Asma » Sep 07, 2009 12:39 am

I fell pregnant the first two times in South Africa when little was known about HG, both times I aborted due to the illness and other reasons.
The second last time I spent almost two months in Belgium, where the doctors knew nothing about HG, and neither did I. I ended up in hospital in Spain and then in South Africa, still none of the doctors helped with any medication to stop the vomitting.

This year I planned my work, finances and personal life well and vowed to be prepared in every way for the HG. I tried again.
The doctors at one of the best private hospitals on the Costa del Sol were totally unaware of HG, and accused me of it being a psychological issue, in spite of my pre-warnings and calls to pay attention and help me.
Not only did they feel that as doctors they would decide which drug to prescribe, but also didnt get Zofran, for which i had asked, as i read so much about it.
Anyway, they were rough and by the time i reached my 13th week, i was exhausted physically and mentally, and my partner was too. We became really afraid that the HG would last the full 9 months.
To top it all off, I had never felt so psychologically disoriented. It was like I had my sensible brain function, but I could help but act in a crazy way. I couldnt control the shaking of my body. It was not a subtle shaking but like someone who had gone insane. I couldnt stay still in the bed, and kept getting in and out of the bed.
They had prescribed Largactil and Almax. Both helped but they kept taking me off it after 3 days, send me home, I would get dehydrated after two days and go back in the hospital again for another week.
They would start me again on Primperan, then Carriban, even though they knew that neither worked, then finally they would try Largactil, but the 2 doctors argued constantly about keeping me on it, not knowing if it would affect eh foetus.
I lost my job, after the 10th week, the nurses were not much help, the doctors were consumed with the Catholic religion and convinced it was purely psychological, and the abortion laws in Spain are so strict that I would not be able to terminate the pregnancy if the HG got worse after the 12th week.
I became terrified above all that I would lose my mental health.

Now that I am over my painful experience, I am going back to see the same doctor to see if he would educate himself on HG and try to get the drugs that I need and think would help...

Has anyone here, had that feeling of losing your sanity through the HG?
Or was I simply being dramatic in my own mind?
Has anyone talked with to the Gynae about having a stomch specialist and a shrink to evaluate you also?
How about your partners, bosses, family and colleagues - get any understanding?

Is there anyone who has been with HG in Spain?

Any comments at all, I would really appreciate it. :hgisland:
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Postby teddi » Sep 08, 2009 1:00 am

Were you prescribed Reglan/Maxeran/Metoclopramide or any similar drugs like Phenergan/Promethazine?

Some drugs used to treat HG (not the ones for mental health issues) can actually cuase side effects including shaking as you described.

It would be important for us to know what medications you were given. I've moved this topic also to the HG outside the United States, in case there are others from Spain who can help.
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Hello From Spain

Postby Asma » Sep 14, 2009 9:01 am

Many thanks for moving the topic to the international side.

I have just been to my OB, this Friday. He was very willing to get more informed this time around about HG so that we can work on my next pregnancy together, and hopefully this time succeed in bringing my a baby.

At first they gave me Primperan (Metoclopramida Hidrocloruro). This was too mild.
So they then put me on Cariban 10mg (Doxylamine Succinate / Pyridoxine Hydrochloride).
Cariban was still too mild.

So they put me on Largactil 25mg (Clorpromazine).
I could only take this for 3 days at a time. Because they said it would be too dangerous. Then they would take me off it, send me home and give me Cariban to take at home. By day 2, I would be sick again and have to be readmitted. And they would alternate again the same - Cariban and Largactil.

Largactil was good because i managed to eat whilst taking this. But I was real swollen, couldnt breathe very well, had the shakes and felt like I was going crazy.

My doctor is now quite keen to be in touch with other doctors who are treating HG patients. Would you be able to recommend other doctors please?

Best Regards,

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