Typically Dutch I guess...

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Typically Dutch I guess...

Postby Dragoness » Jul 27, 2008 4:33 pm

I'm amazed at how many doctors here are aware of HG, but they seem a little too optomistic to me. My gynacologist, when I informed him of the HG amongst my worries when we had the post-pregnancy birth control talk/meeting, he said that I shouldn't be afraid of HG at all, and said he's seen several women who had it and then were completely fine the next pregnancy. I tend to be in doubt about this. I know he understood me because he taught preggo gynacology in the US for 18 years before moving back to Holland. He said that, should I get pregnant again, that they have medication and treatment that should make it like a normal pregnancy. Is this just typical Dutch optomism/relaxed thinking? My HG was so terrible I couldn't even get to a hospital if I had wanted to.
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Postby Atsie » Jul 27, 2008 7:42 pm

So many Dr's seem to think that way. I take a personal level of satisfaction in proving them wrong. HOWEVER there have some lucky women who go on to have just regular old Morning sickness in the next pregnancy. Also, with knowing it is coming, you can prepare and get ready. it is possible to be medicated to the point of fluffiness (not sick).

There is always the chance you wont have it the next time. Just don't be to disheartened if you have to break out the bucket!
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Postby screamin' » Nov 27, 2008 12:06 pm

hm, don't believe in miracles. tried a lot of drugs but none of them got me into a bearable state, at least not for long.
on the other hand, this doc seems motivated to pull you through. as long as this doesn't mean he's insisting that it works or else it means you didn't follow his instructions well.
that happened to me in hospital when an assistant gynaeco wanted me to follow the protocol of not eating for 48 hours when I arrived there. she blamed the fact that I wasn't "cured" after 2 days to the fact that I hadn't followed the protocol. because with the other women it had worked. yes, as if the other women were all real hg-ers and as if I hadn't tried the damn protocol years ago going downhill with each day I didn't eat.
anyway, I think you're better of with a motivated one who knows a bit about it than a doc who is underinformed. it might be good to tell him that there are though cases of hg that are resistant to any treatment.
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Postby *my3sons* » Nov 27, 2008 4:57 pm

I'm sorry, I think he sounds a little too optimistic, as well. There are a few ladies here who started out with docs that swore they could easily pull them through and then shut down when they ended up having to treat a severe case. I also don't believe meds can make an HG pregnancy feel "normal." That said, I'm hoping for a much milder/short lived case next time around.

Do you have other options of docs you can consult with before hand and see if there's one who you might trust more?

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Postby Rosao » Nov 24, 2010 8:39 am

I hear mixed messages from dutch HG patient regarding their doctor. Some take them very seriously, others not so much.
Personally I think your doctor is a bit optimistic. I'm also very curious what treatment and medications he's referring to! Standard in Holland is first emesafene (meclozine & pyridoxine) then primperan (metoclopramide) and if that also fails and your doctor is willing: zorfran (ondansetron) and in very few cases prednison... But these are no miracle drugs...

By the way: did you know we have a dutch HG sufferer/survivor page? www.steunpunthg.nl

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