I live in France and am considering having a 2nd child.

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I live in France and am considering having a 2nd child.

Postby louiselopez » May 28, 2008 9:02 am

I am English living in France. I have a seven year old son Danny (1st HG Baby)m born in the UK. Had termination at 11 weeks with 2nd Hg baby 2006 in France. Had no real treatment. The hospital were very in the dark about my condition. Gave me no real help just IV. Has taken a long time to recover from the loss. Am now considering a third child. really struggling not to have anymore children. Very frightened about the future. I now know that it wasnt all in my mind and that it is a condition while pregnant. This website has been life saving for me as I have suffered with terrible depression since the termination. Felt guilty and very angry for a long time. Does anyone know about the french maternal system or can give me some advise on how to cope with another hg pregnancy?
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Postby RebeccaM » May 28, 2008 10:07 pm

Welcome! I'm sorry you've had such a struggle with poor treatment and a resulting loss. It's just not fair :( . But you've definitely come to the right place.

I don't know anything about the french maternal system, but I am going to move this post to the HG Outside the US folder and hopefully someone will see it there that has some knowledge about it.

In the mean time, please read through some of the posts in the Preparation for HG folder for some great info to help you if you decide to get pregnant again.

Best of luck!
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Postby aaronsmommy » May 28, 2008 10:18 pm

Treatment in France seems to be pretty poor in general. We have had a few members from there. Here are a few threads, go ahead and send emails or pms to the members from France and see if they have any good ideas for you.



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Postby Maria'sMommy » Jun 01, 2008 12:22 am

I have no experience at all with the French medical system, but you may want to consider contacting Motherisk in Canada, http://www.motherisk.org/women/morningSickness.jsp. They can provide you with the Canadian protocol for treating HG. They should also be able to send it to you in French, which may help. My Canadian Dr's took any suggestions made by Motherisk very seriously.
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Postby frenchflo » Jun 05, 2008 4:16 am

Bonjour !

I'm French and 1 month pregnant with HG.
It's my third pregnancy.
I have a five years old son, and like you had to terminate in late 2006, due to severe HG and poor treatment.

But this time, I was prepared :
After the termination, I've been treated by a psychiatrist to help me recover.
This pregancy is planned, and I've been under Dogmatil 50 mg 3 times a day.
It worked for 2 weeks. Now I'm under Zophren 4 mgs twice a day.

Tell me where you live.
I'm near Paris and receive good care, at last.
I know there's an hospital in Toulouse where there's a protocol with HG, and know a HGer there.

Don't hesitate to send me a PM, I'll be happy to help, if I can.
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Postby louiselopez » Jul 03, 2008 11:08 am

Thankyou for your message. i live in North Burgundy, France. i would have to go to Dijon for treatment. the hospital i was at before locally couldnt cope with illness. Mainly because they were ignorant of the condition.
It is encouraging to hear that your treatment is better this time.
I have struggled mentally for a very long time since the termination and still am anxious about attempting another pregnancy.
i need to be sure that the state will fund my treatment before I take the risk. Im even considering going back to the uk. I really dont want to do this as i love living in France.
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Postby frenchflo » Jul 05, 2008 5:24 am

Hi, Louise,

Sorry for being late, but I've been to the hospital with IV fluids and medication for 10 days, and after too sick to evne consider being seated in front of the computer. :sickfast:

I think you must go to the hospital and find a gynecologist willing to treat you BEFORE ttc. I find it's the key.
In the same hospital you can find caring and uncaring professionnals.

The sécurité sociale is going to pay for your treatment, but not for Zofran, since here it's only a medication for cancer patients.
So, you'll have to pay for it.
It's around 22 euros for a pack of 4 tablets (generic brand).

The one advice I have is BE PREPARED, it helps a lot.

Courage !

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