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Postby carybear » Feb 06, 2011 2:06 pm

big ((hugs)) I'm still here for you if you want to chat.

Like I said before, your feelings are your feelings and you are entitled to all of them. Feelings can be confusing and just because you *should* feel one way doesn't mean that you will.

I can understand how you would be mad that she said she would keep it open and keep you informed and then she stopped talking to you. I do have to wonder, if she's feeling quite confused. Maybe she's sensing your anger and feels that its directed at her and that's shutting her down. So she's confused that she's feeling anger from you and she thinks you should be super excited for her.

i wish there were an easy answer that would help you to feel better, there just isn't.

IVF is never easy. Gosh just what I went through for the surrogacy was NUTS. I honestly can't imagine a full course would be like. And let's face it there's a lot of emotion that goes along with that too. So I can see how you would be bombarded with it from so may different angles.

I'm very sad that Fred is not being as supportive as he should be. I know he wasn't part of the IVF process but YOU were and he should be there to help you in whatever way you need.
Luvs to all,
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Postby AmberWest » May 18, 2011 12:23 am

I wanted to give a update, Anne lost the baby a couple months in. She and her partner are going to try again, but with her partners eggs and she carrying. If that doesn't pan out, she will try again with what embryos she has left from me. I told her and my ex-husband I would leave it up to them what happens from here on out. He's a decent bloke, and she is a good person so I trust their judgement. I honestly can't cope with it from here on out. That became obvious after she got pg last time.

Once again, I don't come here often, if at all now, but feel I should be honest about what this situation can be like for some. For me, it became too much.
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Postby slterwil » May 18, 2011 7:41 am

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