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PostPosted: Jun 06, 2007 6:40 pm
by C&G'sMommy
Can you please change my screenname to C&G'sMommy
and please add January 3, 2007 EDD for Caiden.
I would greatly appricate it.


PostPosted: Sep 21, 2007 11:21 am
by octobermomma
add my twin angels please

m/c 9/20/07

Thank you.

PostPosted: Nov 10, 2007 4:44 pm
by emberflame
Please add Gavin Joseph Williams, born still on October 24th, 2007. EDD: February 18th. Thank you...

PostPosted: Jan 20, 2008 8:54 pm
by Caitlin's mom
Hi Suzanne,

Can you please add our lost baby 8/23/02 - EDD 3/14/03
Hope you're doing well.

PostPosted: Feb 08, 2008 1:18 pm
by justme
I am sad to see a lot of new mommas posting in this forum. If you would like, please let us know your information and we will add your babies to our memorial thread.


PostPosted: Feb 12, 2008 12:28 am
by emberflame
Suz or Karen, could you please add Gavin's EDD of 2/18/08. It is one week from today I should be bringing home my son. Instead, 4 months have passed since his death...

PostPosted: Feb 12, 2008 12:40 pm
by justme

He is added sweety, and I am so sorry that you aren't bringing him home.

Lots of love,

PostPosted: Feb 14, 2008 2:48 pm
by crazypegs
Hi Karen.

Can you add Dallas Victor? He was born 2/10/08(21 weeks 0 days) with EDD of 6/24/08? Thanks so much.

Please add

PostPosted: Mar 03, 2008 9:55 am
by Marion
I'm trying not to cry as I type this.

I'm finally ready to ask you to please add my baby, I feel she was a girl and so I'd like to call her Janie. For some reason, that name just keeps popping up in my mind so

Janie 1/18/08, edd 8/15/08

Thank you so much. This site has been a life saver!

PostPosted: Mar 03, 2008 4:43 pm
by justme
Marion and Molly,

I got your beautiful babies added. Please let me know if anything appears incorrect.

Huge hugs to you both,

PostPosted: Mar 15, 2008 3:31 am
by Beck
Could you please add my baby Jack - ( I find this part hard - I found out he had died on the 19th of December, 2007 and delivered him on the 20th of December - both very traumatic days) EDD 10th of June 2008.
Thanks heaps

PostPosted: Apr 03, 2008 3:58 am
by screamin'
hello, I delivered my still baby girl on tuesday (2days ago), april 1st. she died at 15 weeks-1day. could you add us to the list
screamin', EDD september 12 2008, baby girl MC delivered april 1st 2008, 15 weeks 1 day

I posted a few messages on the 2nd tri forum to let them know over there. from now on I have accepted to move to this corner of the site, reading your stories and joining you all.

thank you so much

PostPosted: Apr 03, 2008 3:50 pm
by Caitlin's mom
I'm so sorry. I know there's nothing that can be said right now to ease your breaking heart. You and your precious baby are in my prayers.


can you add?

PostPosted: Apr 17, 2008 3:42 pm
by DeAnna

Can we add my babies? We lost 'baby' June 22, 2007 at 16 weeks after horrible hg. Hg continued after death for three days after delivery (d&c...I just can't accept that that is how she/he was delivered). They wouldn't tell me the sex of my child. This 'baby' broke my heart and my families.

Also, June 8, 2006. I was 6 weeks, had an ultrasound, but the hcg level was too low. We only knew for two days. I did not get sick. This was sad, too, but has faded for me now. I feel guilty about that.

Please add them to the list if you can. There seems to be no where else for memorializing these children. Thank you for all you do.


PostPosted: Apr 30, 2008 11:34 am
by IslandDreamer

PostPosted: May 05, 2008 8:42 am
by Barbnj
Could you please add my losses to the remembrance list

November 2004.....5 wks

April 2007....10 weeks

Much appreciated



PostPosted: Jun 10, 2008 2:44 pm
by sal
Please can you add our loss 12th april 2008 m/c due 29th november.


PostPosted: Sep 25, 2008 8:11 am
by justme

I am so sorry. I added you to the list.


PostPosted: Jun 22, 2010 7:41 pm
by kathleen
6/15/10 -- 10 weeks 5 days.

Remember your loved ones now on the HER website

PostPosted: Nov 07, 2010 1:14 pm
by annmarie
The HER Foundation recently started a "IN MEMORIAM" section to the homepage. This is in honor of all those babies lost to HG and in some cases the moms who are lost because of the lack of research and understanding worldwide. We chose to create this just for all of you have suffered the loss of a child because of HG. Please visit our homepage to create a memory square for your baby/babies.

Thank you,
Ann Marie