Gestational Diabetes

Moms with HG in their 3rd trimester.

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Gestational Diabetes

Postby KHuffy » Sep 20, 2016 4:38 pm

So I've been managing my HG with Zofran from home for the last few months, I was so excited to not have to go in for IV treatments all the time. Then the doctor starts talking about the dreaded diabetes test. The date rolls around and I barely manage to keep down that awful drink, and test results come back unsurprisingly that I have it. I went in to see the specialist who was nice about the whole HG thing, but still asking me to cut back on carbs and up my protein which has been quite tough.

I've got my next appointment with her tomorrow and I know that it won't be good, because in the last week I've had gallstones and a two-day cold to deal with. I've barely been able to keep up my fluid intake, and food has gone right out the window...the only positive is that I cut back on carbs (along with everything else unfortunately). I've lost two pounds and every ounce of food I can get down is a huge victory to me, I'm just concerned that the dietitian won't think so and will be wanting to put me on Metformin which I won't be able to keep down. I guess I'm not really asking for advice here, though I'm all ears if you've got it. I'm 34 weeks and just counting down the days left and sickly hoping that I go into labor early so that this will be over.
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